An otp thing to consider:

- Who lets their kid get away with staying up late on a school night

I have this head cannon that when it comes to their son, he is more like ziva in nature and the two will sometimes spend evenings on the couch together. He’ll come down the stairs from his room while she’s sitting the quietly, reading a book, and she’ll just smile and allow him to join her.

I’m smiling so hard my face hurts

100% agreed

I think their daughter is spirited like Ziva - she sees the gray areas in between right and wrong; she has the same graceful movement and sharp eye. But the more boisterous and prominent parts of her personality are all Tony. Only those close to her, the ones she trusts implicitly, would say she’s most like her mother.

And their son, he’s an all-star with the heart of gold. The occasional trouble maker, but also the most level- headed of their little family. He sets the tone without knowing. He’s a deeper thinker than his DiNozzo smile would have you believe. Like his father, he’s layered. The hero beneath the frat boy. His mother’s sweetheart.


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Tiva + photograph

queencotes answered:

"Tony… Can I ask about the picture?"

He sighs, closing the fridge door and looking round to his bedroom. She walks out slowly, her hands pressed into her pockets.

"If you do not want to then I und—"

"No, no, you’ve been back four days, I wondered when you’d mention it."

She smiles a little sheepishly, and if he didn’t know better he’d almost say she looked shy.
"When did you move it there?"

He thinks back to that evening. The misty rain outside, the mess of his apartment, the horrible thought that he may never see his partner again. And then an image from a cold winter’s day in Paris, framed and lit by the moonlight.
"The night I got back from Israel. I came through the door and it was just sitting on my shelf and even… even though it killed me, just looking at it helped a little, too. So I moved it to my room."

"But you did not know if I would return."
Her voice is low, shameful. They’ve been through this twice already; her apology, his acceptance. She knows it’s okay, and that there was nothing for him to forgive in the first place, but he realises it’ll take a while to sink in.

He leans against the fridge.
"No. That’s why I liked it being there."

"So you could have me in your bedroom?" she asks with a smirk. He’d be offended at her joking when he’s trying to be serious, but he knows she’s just uneasy.

"So I could have something to remind me of you, with me. In a weird way you could be there at the start of every day, and at the end."

Oh.” she whispers, eyes wide, and before he knows it she’s run right toward him, hands cupping his cheeks and her lips pressed to his.

"I love you, Tony."

He grins, slipping his arms round her waist to pull her closer.
"I love you too."

Sometime I feel like I am truly invisible in this world.  Within a 1/4 of a mile I almost got hit twice this morning driving to work.  And I mean within inches. One idiot ran a stop sign and one idiot pulled into my apartment complex -while I was pulling out - on the left hand side instead of his right hand side. Not sure I should get back in the car today.